saturday 9


All I Have To Do Is Dream

1) Did you dream last night? I do not remember my dreams from last night

2) In this song, The Everly Brothers dream of kissing "lips of wine." Do you prefer red or white wine? white and 
3) In 1975, Rolling Stone ranked Phil and Don #1 on their list of the greatest duos of all time. Name another musical twosome. The Eurythmics

4) Mike Love has acknowledged the influence The Everly Brothers had on The Beach Boys' harmonies. What's your favorite Beach Boys song? today I'll go with "Wouldn't It Be Nice"

5) The pressure of touring took its toll on the Everly Brothers' personal relationship, and those stresses spilled onto the stage. They once had a fight in front their audience that ended with Phil smashing his guitar and storming off. Have you ever busted something in anger? oh, yes

6) One of Don's friends was author/storyteller Garrison Keillor and that's how the Everly Brothers came to perform on Keillor's radio program, A Prairie Home Companion. Do you often listen to the radio or to podcasts? I'm trying to get into podcasts because I do enjoy them, but I sometimes have a difficult time focusing on them and not letting my mind wander; I listen to satellite radio in the car
7) The brothers chose to live in different cities and held opposite views on politics. Don said, "Everything is different about us, except when we sing." Do you have siblings? If so, are you more alike or different? I have three older sisters and I'd say we're more alike than different (although two of them have opposite political/social views than I do)

8) In 1958, the year this song was a hit, Americans were doing the Cuban dance, the cha-cha-cha. Do you ever dance or sing when you're home alone? I've done both

9) Random question -- Do you believe we each get one true love? no


The Gal Herself said...

Our second vote today for "Wouldn't It Be Nice."

Are you ever surprised by how your sisters respond to things? Or are they predictable? I'd always assumed my older sister -- a fiscal conservative who only votes her wallet -- would be MAGA but it turns out she loathed Trump.

CountryDew said...

I bet your sister who lives in VA is opposite you in politics. AmIRight?

Songbird said...

My family all share the same political views. So there’s no fighting …at least in that area.

zippiknits...sometimes said...

My sister shocked me these last two elections.
But in her defense, she’s a shut in and influenced by a red necked, knuckle headed brother and her own spouse.
We picked the same Beachboy song. I love the musical lilt in it.

Lori said...

Check out Bailey Sarian. You might like her. I watch on You Tube, but she does a podcast too. True crime and also Dark history of the United States. Loved your answers. Have a nice weekend.


Me, Myself, and I said...

My brother and I don't think alike at ALL in politics land. He's probably closer to a libertarian, unlike our father, who was brainwashed by Fox and all that crap. We don't talk politics. I don't talk politics with Mom either. Sometimes (this whole last year, lol) it's hard not to, but with consciously try.

Diana_CT said...

My brother likes to think he's not biased but I think that he is a fence sitter.