I am...

Reading:  Fool Me Twice at Christmas by Camilla Isley

Listening to: rain outside

Loving: because I have to revise my AP Psychology syllabus to reflect the new textbook, I got out of a dreadful group activity for the faculty this afternoon

Thinking:  hmmm, a package is marked "Delivered" but I didn't receive it 😒

Feeling:  excited for tomorrow--it's another half-day for students and a workshop day in the afternoon, then at 2:45 I'm off!

Celebrating:  I'm trying to be mindful and grateful for positive things

Grateful for:  one of my school friends loves to cook and she hates leftovers so she keeps feeding me!

Weather:  it is 45° and raining

Enjoying:  I started knitting a blanket project for the colleague that feeds me

A quote I want to share 

I'm sharing this quote because tomorrow I'll be showing The Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special with my psychology students so they can analyze either Charlie Brown, Peppermint Patty, or Snoopy.


Stacy said...

I get that "package delivered" message without a package quite often. In their infinite wisdom, when 9-1-1 was assigning addresses they gave us and another house on the other side of town the same address. Tons of fun when setting up any new account (garbage, water, etc.) Thankfully, we have met the people once and they are good about sending it back so we get it a day or two later.

The Gal Herself said...

Mindful! That's what I aim to be.