sunday stealing


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From J. Durwood

1.  What is the nearest book to you?  Your Kindle does not count.  Cultivating Genius, a professional development book I need to read this week

2.  When was the last time you took a "me" vacation?  I take "me" staycations often but I guess that's not really what the question is asking...  it's been a couple of years

3.  How many telephone numbers do you have? one, since I got rid of my landline

4.  If you could fix one thing in the public school system, what is the one thing you would do immediately? I would make it so teachers don't have to spend their own money on supplies, have a liveable wage, and empowerment--so decisions are made by the stakeholders, not politicians that have no clue

5.  What's your favorite Olympic event? the all-around gymnastics (individual) competitions

6.  Do you watch the Olympics? if I don't watch I at least follow

7.  Who is your favorite sports team player? Simone Biles

8.  If you could travel in a spaceship to any planet, which planet would you like to visit and why? I wouldn't--I have absolutely no desire to

9.  When was the last time you sat in a church? it was a funeral three years ago

10.  Are there any aspects of blogging that annoy you? snarky comments by people who didn't read the whole post

11. Have you ever gone to a party and snooped in the medicine cabinet? no

12.Do you watch reality TV? yes! I love unscripted TV

13.  How many people can you call who have known you since you were in school? my best friends have known me since high school or college; and since I'm a teacher, my newer friends know me from school so all of my friends

14. Who, when, and where was your first kiss? I was four or five and was "marrying" my next door neighbor

15. You just got thrown out of your country.  Where do you want to become a citizen? Ireland


CountryDew said...

Ha. All of your friends are from school! I loved that. Ingenious answer.

Kim said...

Ireland... YES!

Susan said...

That is nice that you have lots of friends from High School. My parents went to their reunions until could no longer. My dad was 78 when he went to his last reunion. I took a "virtual" trip to Ireland this summer with a crafting group. Have a great week!

Bev Sykes said...

Hey...we can meet in Ireland.

Bev Sykes said...

BTW, did you see the interview with George Clooney on Sunday Morning today? I thought of you and hoped you were watching.

The Gal Herself said...

You and I are both hopelessly earthbound, I'm afraid.

Plastic Mancunian said...

Simone Biles certainly spoke up for herself and I respect that. I wish more people would do the same.




Me, Myself, and I said...

I find it fascinating the different ways everyone interpreted the phone numbers question. I wonder what it says about folks--that some saw the questions as how many phone numbers do YOU have and some as how many PHONE NUMBERS do you have. Weird.