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It wasn't until I was almost through with this book that I realized it's the second of a series--so I will definitely go back to the beginning.  I liked Dana and loved the Shopping Channel action.  It was a fun summer read.  I loved the secondary characters, the pacing, and the plot.

From the publisher:
In this witty and engaging novel, Dana Barry, the Shopping Channel’s star host, stops by the company’s rooftop party to pitch the new CEO her brilliant idea that just might save the flagging business, her job and possibly her love life.

As she chats with the smarmy executive, he backs her into a dark corner. For Dana, it’s a quid pro oh-hell-no. She escapes his lecherous grasp and grabs her drink on her way to the dance floor. Woozy, she blacks out.

When she comes to, the CEO is dead, fallen from the roof. Or was he pushed? And if so, by whom? It’s hard to know, but one thing is certain: Dana was close enough to be suspect.

Sure, she loathed how the creep moved in on her, but she’s no killer. Or is she? Truth is, Dana can’t remember much about those minutes. Now she has to use all her skills to prove her innocence to everyone, including her police detective boyfriend—and herself.

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The Gal Herself said...

I'm so glad you liked it! I feel so responsible when someone picks up a book based on my recommendation. So PHEW!

PS I really do love this cover. Teal and orange? Who knew?