ten things tuesday

Ten reasons I love reading:

1) Learning. Every time I pick up a book I learn something--from expanding my vocabulary to idioms and colloquialisms, and even how to do something, I am learning.

2)  Escape. Reading helps me relax or recharge.  It keeps me up all night when it's really compelling.

3)  Challenging. I've challenged beliefs and understandings and learned universal truths.

4)  Broaden my horizons.  Learning from diverse voices and exotic locales. It takes me out of Northern Maine.

5)  Talking about books and book groups. I could go on and on for hours when I get talking about books.  I belong to two different book groups--one at my local library that I have somehow found myself the de facto leader of, and the other is a group of teachers and former teachers from my school.

6)  Never boring.  I believe that there is a book for everyone.  When I meet people who don't enjoy reading, I want to suggest titles to them (sometimes I do, but I try to restrain myself).

7)  Long TBR (to-be-read). I will NEVER run out of books to read.  Ever.

8)  Portable. I can always have books with me in whatever format I choose.  I almost exclusively read e-books or listen to audiobooks, though.  With my Nook & Kindle, I have whole libraries of books at my fingertips.

9)  Bookshops. Two of my favorite things: books and shopping.  I've lamented the fact that there isn't a bookshop in my community, the closest one is about an hour away, but I think I've heard a rumor that one is coming to town!

10) Libraries. I can sincerely say that the local public library is the hub of my community offering a wide variety of services to meet all needs for all ages.  Innovative, inclusive, and beautiful.

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