finished reading

I figured it out.

The fourth installment was as entertaining as the previous three and I can't wait to read more!

From the publisher:
First at the crime scene, Andy Carpenter wishes he had never seen the folded torso with the large red stain on its back. The victim is Tony Preston, wide receiver for the New York Jets, and the suspect is Kenny Schilling, the New York Giants' star running back who is clamoring for Andy's services. The upcoming high-profile murder case will be the bench-warming Andy's chance to get back into the legal game. It will also prove a handy distraction from the awful possibility that Laurie Collins - the private investigator and living creature Andy adores most next to Tara, his cherished golden retriever - might leave Paterson and Andy's life forever.

Digging into the case, Andy stumbles onto some of the seamier undercurrents rushing beneath the large-guy camaraderie, big-buck cushiness, and bone-mashing fun that is pro football. And he discovers that Preston's death is similar to a series of other mysterious murders - all seemingly unrelated yet connected by a horrible secret from many years ago. Despite the crushing evidence, Andy begins to believe in his client's innocence. But when danger finds someone close to him, the unperturbed defender knows he's attracted the attention of a powerful enemy - one who will do anything to take Andy permanently off the field.

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The Gal Herself said...

I love Andy! I'll have to look for this one.