ten things tuesday

Ten random things in random order:

1)  I finished reading a book group book last night and I didn't especially like it.  It was just okay.  Some of my friends LOVED it.  I feel awkward when there's a discrepancy like that--like I didn't pay enough attention to the book or maybe it was deeper than I gave it credit for being.  It's a much-hyped book that in my opinion, didn't deserve the hype.  Meh.

2)  I get to start a new book tonight.  The process of choosing what to read depends on availability from the library or what genre I haven't read lately.  I've been reading historical fiction lately, although the book I finished last night might be considered speculative fiction since it had parallel lives.  It's time for a thriller.  Or contemporary fiction.

3)  Getting my membership to the Brooklyn Public Library is the best gift I've given myself!  Definitely the gift that keeps on giving.  Having access to a wide variety of ebooks that I can read on my Kindle or audiobooks I can listen to has paid for itself again and again  (the membership cost around $50).  I don't think I've bought/paid for a book since I got the membership.

4)  Waiting to hear from my doctor's office--I finally called to get a referral to the Lymphedema clinic for a tune-up.  My ankles are swollen again.  I haven't maintained the momentum I had, and I was doing so well!  But, instead of beating myself up, I'm making the phone call and getting back at it.  I know my ankles and legs will feel better.

5)  I began planning backward in earnest today.  After getting the email with the final exam dates.  Now I have concrete targets!  There are around 17 actual student days of school left.  Not counting remote days.  Or weekends.  And yes, I'm counting down.  And NO, it does not make me a bad or a poor teacher.  I love teaching and love my students but I'll be all kinds of glad when this school year is done!

6)  The flowers I bought Saturday still look fresh.  They make me so happy.

7)  I think I'm ready to resume knitting projects.  Lately, I've been knitting dishcloths so that I have some instant gratification knitting--since it just takes a few hours to crank out a dishcloth.  Plus, I sold my last stash of dishcloths and had none on hand.

8)  I need an idea for my manicure this weekend.  I actually might redo one that I had a few years ago with different colors.

9)  I received my Basecamp Cards--I can't wait to use them when I play my grudge match Spite & Malice tournament with my Virginia sister!!

10) Dad's birthday is next week and I am completely clueless about a gift.  I asked if there was anything particular he wants or needs--and nothing.  Ugh.  I'll have to improvise.

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The Gal Herself said...

Love your attitude on #4. It happened. It's not the end of the world. You just have to get back on track. I wish my self-talk was as healthy as yours!

I have Hoopla and Libby through my local library and while it's been terrific during covid, I'm a little disappointed by how very *current* the selections have been. There are a lot of biographies I was looking forward to reading and they just aren't available! So I'm going to play with the Brooklyn libraries search function and see what they've got.