I am...

Reading The Midnight Library and I might even finish it tonight!

Listening to:  Harry Styles' album "Fine Line"

Loving:  I got a ton of compliments on today's outfit 😁

Thinking:  about the Covid outbreak in my school district--wondering if we'll be going to the RED model soon?

Feeling:  I've been neglecting my lymphedema care and my ankles and legs are feeling it.  I think I'm going to call my doctor's office to get a referral to OT for treatment and get back on track.  I'm disappointed in myself, I had been doing so well...

Celebrating:  Spring!

Grateful for:  a good day to wear a dress

Weather: it is 61° and clouds are rolling in

Enjoying:  being home

A quote I want to share:
This is stuck in my head--


Stacy said...

We keep having outbreaks here and there, but our governor is lifting all mandates but masks on Memorial Day. That's really the only one I see anyone still following, anyway, and that is sort of spotty. At 61 degrees, you were warmer today than we were!

The Gal Herself said...

Oh, I hope you stay out of the "red!"