friday 5


Frozen water

  1. In what area of your life are you skating on thin ice? I freely admit that this is my worst year as a teacher--I've tried darn hard--but I cannot wait until the end of the school year
  2. What evidence do you have recently that practice does or does not make perfect? knitting--there's always room for improvement
  3. When did you most recently interact with a police officer? hmmm--I know it was the school resource officer and I think it was the last time I had morning duty so that would be February or March
  4. Which business establishments do you patronize because you like their customer service? Which do you avoid because of poor customer service? the local supermarket is family owned and a former employer and I will only shop there and I don't really avoid anyplace because of poor service
  5. How will you make good choices this weekend? well... I will mask up and try not to spend too much money

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onebadscrivener said...

I'm about to write my annual self-assessement at work, and I've already got the beginning figured out in my head. Something like, "This year I have not been good at my job."

I think there's a lot of it going around.

Hang in there. It's almost summer.