I am...

Reading:   To Sir Phillip, With Love (Bridgertons #5)

Listening to:  the heater kicking in

Loving:  the purple tulips I bought Saturday--they're beautiful and make me happy

Thinking:  I'm not really thinking about anything

Feeling:  I've got the post-anesthesia mellow feeling

Celebrating:  good health

Grateful for:  a good experience with my colonoscopy

Weather: it is 23° and sunny but very windy

Enjoying: food!  I went 40  hours without food.

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Me, Myself, and I said...

Glad to hear it turned out well. I hate the darn things.

The Gal Herself said...

I've had two colonoscopies and both times I came to REALLY wanting salt. The first time, we bought potato chips at the gift shop on the way to the hospital parking lot. Second time I insisted we stop at a coffee shop where I could get hash browns. Next time, I'll just request my friend have a salt lick in her car.

"Just doing the best you can do every day you're fortunate enough to wake up." YES!