blog every day 8

 8.  I feel most tired when... This is perfect timing because I'm weary now.  Covid-weary.  Change-weary.  Winter-weary.  I feel most tired when I am reacting to things that are happening. 

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Me, Myself, and I said...

I too am covid-weary. Today, part of my work assignment was to do chart reviews on the entire COVID ICU. 30 of the sickest of the sick COVID patients. It was depressing as hell, and I found myself doing my old "ICU nurse" detaching. And I didn't want to...I felt like if I stayed present while I was reviewing their charts, I was honoring them, caring for them somehow. Anyhow. I'm sick of COVID.

The Gal Herself said...

I get this! It's cold and snowy, and in years gone by, it would be exciting to be snowed and frozen in, holding a mug of tea and eating the soup I bought specifically for this.

But now, being inside is just more of the same. Nothing feels special or fun anymore. Everything feels like an offshoot of covid.

Still, I'm going to look for the good in each day. (Even if such perkiness feels like it will give me a hernia.)