ten things tuesday

 Ten random things in random order:

1) I caught myself today--with resting bitch face.  I know it was severe, too.

2) I was in a good mood today, given all the stress of yesterday (my internet was out, waiting for Covid test results, waiting to find out when surgery will be, etc).

3) The road was terribly icy as I went to school this morning.  Because my internet connection at home was malfunctioning, I had to go to school to have my zoom classes.

4) My Covid test was negative.

5) The tech guy who fixed my internet was chatty, pleasant, and funny.  It didn't take him too long to fix it.

6) Surgery is at 11 o'clock Wednesday.  I should be home about four hours later.

7) My local sister is going to be my car service.

8) My neighbor is a nurse and is going to check in with me.  Frequently.

9) I'm not too freaked out.  Or anxious.  I'm surprised that I'm as calm as I am.


1 comment:

The Gal Herself said...

A positive IT experience! It can change your outlook, can't it? We really are at their mercy.

How cool and comforting that you have a nurse nearby.