I am...

Listening to:  The Winter Garden

Loving:  good customer service

Thinking:  about the internet being out--and how I'm still trying to function without it

Feeling:  stressed to the max--I'm not going to lie, having the internet out plus getting ready for surgery, and a substitute teacher is a LOT

Celebrating:  friendships

Grateful for:  offers of help from Dad & Barb and my local sister

Weather: it is 25° and dreary

Enjoying:  uhm--I got nothing right now

A quote I want to share:


The Gal Herself said...

Gee, got enough on your plate right now, Ms. Kwiz? Just keep going and keep breathing. You're smart, you're prepared for this, and you have the support of your family. I have every confidence that you will be fine!

Stacy said...

Wait! Did I miss something? Are you getting the gall bladder surgery?