I am...

Listening to:  The Winter Garden

Loving:  good customer service

Thinking:  about the internet being out--and how I'm still trying to function without it

Feeling:  stressed to the max--I'm not going to lie, having the internet out plus getting ready for surgery, and a substitute teacher is a LOT

Celebrating:  friendships

Grateful for:  offers of help from Dad & Barb and my local sister

Weather: it is 25° and dreary

Enjoying:  uhm--I got nothing right now

A quote I want to share:


  1. Gee, got enough on your plate right now, Ms. Kwiz? Just keep going and keep breathing. You're smart, you're prepared for this, and you have the support of your family. I have every confidence that you will be fine!

  2. Wait! Did I miss something? Are you getting the gall bladder surgery?