ten things tuesday

Ten random things:

1)  The best thing that happened today was backward planning and realizing I'm in good shape to get the content I need to get taught in time for the end of the semester.

2)  I left school about 10 minutes before the official time. Do I feel guilty?  Nope!  I feel a little badass!

3) Since I'm now on Thanksgiving break, I'm looking forward to sleeping in!  And napping!

4) Parent-Teacher conferences were this week.  I had a whopping total of four.

 5)  I was chosen as the equivalent of the employee of the week at school and had a shoutout on the school's social media sites.

 6)  I beat my reading goal for the year by 40 extra books!  I've officially hit 100 books! 😎

7) My landlord hired an electrician to install new light fixtures and an outlet in my bathroom and I am so darn excited!  The sconces are pretty!

8)  I'm almost finished with my holiday shopping.  

9)  This has been a week of up and down emotions.  One goal for the week is to be easier on me.

10)  Another goal for the week is to declutter my junk mail piles!  To the recycle bin!

1 comment:

The Gal Herself said...

#2 made me smile. Kwiz goes rogue!

I am jealous of the way you devour books, ploughing through them quickly but still enjoying them.

I get #7. My bathroom is my favorite room.