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Reading:  I finished book #100 for the year last night!  I get to select something new today.

Listening to:  the heavy rain outside

Loving:  the gerbera daisies I bought over a week ago are still looking great!  The pop of color is making me so happy

Thinking:  about change and being adaptive to change and being resilient and what a big challenge it is

Feeling:  anxious because my Pennsylvania sister woke up on Saturday with Bell's Palsy

Celebrating:  I had a fun AP Psychology class--we studied the effect of gratitude on well-being

Grateful for:  the superintendent is allowing teachers to be home for Parent-Teacher Conferences this evening since the weather is supposed to turn really nasty

Weather: it is 39° and freezing rain

Enjoying: I've almost finished the first pair of mittens I've ever tried knitting--I've done several fingerless gloves, but the full hand and the covered thumb--well those are challenges!  They're for my Virginia sister to go with her new coat 

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The Gal Herself said...

Daises and carnations are my favorites. I know they are considered by some to be cheap filler flowers, but I love how simple and pretty and hearty they are.