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Thanksgiving Questions

1. What did you do for Thanksgiving when you were a kid? the extended family would gather at my grandparents' with a kids table

2 . What’s your favorite family tradition? sneaking into the kitchen to steal little pieces of the crisply skin from the turkey 

3. What’s your favorite way to give back and help others? I do quite a bit of charity knitting by donating to the local homeless shelter and other projects, plus I focus on shopping locally to support small businesses

4. Name one person who can make you laugh, even months later. Why? oh, without a doubt my stepmom

5. What is the funniest thing you remember about a Thanksgiving past? nothing stands out

6. Do you have any unusual traditions, rituals or habits around Thanksgiving? after the meal, we watch White Christmas to get into the festive spirit

7. What time do you eat your Thanksgiving meal? my dad likes it between noon-1 o'clock

8. Name one ancestor that you think about on Thanksgiving and tell us why. I think of my grandparents on my dad's side because they are the basis of all my childhood holiday memories

9. Is there a family heirloom at the Thanksgiving table? What its story? nothing particular

10. What is your favorite part about Thanksgiving Day? spending time with my parents when there's no real agenda other than eating

11. What is something that was done for you this year that makes you grateful this Thanksgiving? I got to spend some quality time with my parents

12. What foods do you usually have for Thanksgiving? we're pretty traditional--mashed potatoes, turkey, green bean casserole (my dad's favorite side)

13. How has the celebration of Thanksgiving today changed from when you were little? well, it's much smaller and more laid back

14. If you could share Thanksgiving dinner today with one person in history who would it be? Why? (Note: it can be a relative) I would love to celebrate a holiday with my mum because I have no memories of holidays from my childhood with her there

15. What is one wish you have for the next generation as they begin to establish their own Thanksgiving traditions? Have an attitude of gratitude!


Bev Sykes said...

I still love to steal pieces of turkey skin, since my husband or son do the carving. Best part of the meal!

zippiknits...sometimes said...

What Bev said! Also, we start watching Christmas movies on Thanksgiving night. "It's a Beautiful Life" and "The Bishop's Wife'.
An "Attitude of Gratitude". Wonderful wish for the next generation.
Enjoy your holiday, Miss Kwizgiver. You are always in my thoughts.

zippiknits...sometimes said...

ps, I am stealing your little book woman on the side bar. Merry merry!