saturday 9


Walking On Broken Glass

1) Annie sings that she feels she's walking on broken glass. What's the most recent item you broke?  I broke my record for the most number of letters of recommendation I've written in a year.  I'm currently in the mid-twenties.

2) She sings about being cut until she bleeds. Tell us about a time you needed stitches. 
 The last accident that needed stitches was when I fell on my face on a gravel driveway.  I lacerated the left side of my face and needed stitches above my upper lip.  I had a shiner and a lot of swelling.  And an important interview at school with some visiting committee people. 

3) This week's featured artist, Annie Lennox, was born on Christmas Day. Do you know anyone whose birthday falls on a holiday? I have a few students who fall on Halloween, Christmas, New Year, and Thanksgiving occasionally.

4) When Annie met Dave Stewart, with whom she'd form the duo The Eurthmyics, she was living in Australia and staying in a tiny apartment called a bedsit. The occupant has his/her own combination bedroom/livingroom with cooking facilities, but must share a bathroom. Tell us about one of your early apartments. My first apartment was an efficiency listing--it had a bedroom, living area/kitchenette, and bathroom.  It was perfect for what I needed.

5) After the Eurythmics broke up, Annie went out on her own. Would you rather work independently, or as part of a group? There are many factors to my answer:  will I get to choose my group partners?  Will there be equal distribution of the task? Because sometimes I'd rather work on my own than do all the work in a group.

6) Among her many honors, Annie Lennox was named chancellor of Scotland's Glasgow Calledonia University. What's the last college campus you visited? What brought you there?  It was either the University of Maine campus in Orono to pick up my niece or it was the University of Maine campus in town for a workshop.

7) In 1992, the year this song was recorded, compact discs outsold cassette tapes for the first time. Back in the day, did you enjoy making your own mix tapes? My mixes were legendary.  And that's no exaggeration--because I worked as a radio DJ, I had a knack for putting together great playlists.  My friends still comment about the mixes I used to make.  Putting a playlist together on Spotify is about as close as I get anymore.  I miss the mix-tape days.

8) Also in 1992, Johnny Carson made his last appearance as host of The Tonight Show.  The catchphrase, "Here's Johnny!" was associated with the show. Can you think of another popular TV catchphrase? Joey on Friends saying "How you doin'?"
9) Random question: Think of your past week. Now look ahead to the coming week. Would you like it to be more, or less, exciting?
considering my past week was not exciting, I would want the coming week to be the same.  Excitement is overrated!


The Gal Herself said...

#1 -- That's a more positive consider a break.

#7 -- My friend John was an artist when it came to mix tapes, so I believe you.

Diana_CT said...

I volunteered to work at the college radio station and they wanted me to paint the walls... an electrical engineering major and they had a photo major working on the equipment. Needless to say that I didn't say yes to painting.

Lori said...

Is a mass exodus of teachers expected this year? Our superintendent is offering a bonus if people let them know by December 1st of their retirement or if they are resigning so they can hire quality teachers back for the next year...get the jobs posted sooner than later. Of course we did not have a lot of applicants last year and we are working on a skeleton staff this school year. You can't blame people for not wanting to be in the schools. They are even waving college hours this year for subs. It has been ok though. We have had some good ones. The crazy things is, we have had a lot of older people subbing. I would think it would be the opposite. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend.


CountryDew said...

I agree with you - excitement is highly overrated! (And why were you at Roanoke College? I know one of your sisters went to Tech.)

Stacy said...

My college friends all wanted my mix tapes, too, though I wasn't a dj. I still have some mix cd's I burned when my daughter was still in high school. Now it's just, "Hey Alexa, play...."

zippiknits...sometimes said...

That's a great thing to break! Congrats!
I so understand your answer to 5. So true!
Yes, excitement IS over rated. Now we can all get on with our lives.