I am...

Reading: for my book group: Pachinko

Listening to:  post office traffic

Loving: checking in with my sisters and some friends

Thinking:  I spoke with my tele-therapist today.  It's our second virtual appointment and I was able to tell her exactly what I hope to gain from therapy--I want to process the upcoming changes to the school year and deal with my feelings of anger, frustration, and anxiety about those changes.

Feeling: almost motivated for school--I say almost because for now, I'm watching how-to videos of technology I want to incorporate but have yet to actually use the technology

Celebrating:  the end of summer vacation

Grateful for:  I've been sleeping well for the past two weeks

Weather: it is 78° with a real feel of 82 and humid--dewpoint at 70

Enjoying:  Polar brand orange dry soda

A quote I want to share:


The Gal Herself said...

So jealous of your relationship with your sister ... and your dad, too. I want to be adopted by the Kwizgiver Clan.

Stacy said...

I am absolutely positive you are that teacher you want to be. :)