three on thursday

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Thing one: Going to the laundromat is a weird experience now--they allow 5 people in the building, no waiting for the loads, and no folding. Basically, drop off, switch over, get the heck out! This is the first time I have left without folding. It felt wrong. But, I felt comfortable with my wipes--sanitizing everything--and sitting in the car counting people going in and coming out.

Thing two: I've been loving technology on a personal level because my away sisters and I have been able to have video chats--including my nieces and nephews! Now to get my Dad to join. That would be a blast.

Thing three: I'm finding a routine. Balancing school and not-school time. It would be very easy to work on school projects all the time, especially when an idea comes to me and I'm sitting next to my school laptop. But I need to limit and set boundaries. Just because I'm by myself doesn't mean I should be a martyr to the cause.

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