march 30

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Where would you most like to travel?

Since I haven't gone anywhere for the past two weeks, the idea of travel is exciting! The Gal has inspired me to want to visit Colonial Williamsburg and since I'll be so close--I'll head to Washington, DC. I'd also love to go to Graceland, Dollywood, and Memphis. Naturally, I'll visit my family in Virginia and Pennsylvania while I'm traveling.

Also in my travel fantasies are extended trips to Ireland and Italy. Ireland is the home of my heart and soul. I felt so comfortable there! I'd love to go back to the places I visited so long ago and experience them with my adult perspective. And Italy is a dream destination--I'd love to take a family trip there since my sister and her husband lived outside of Venice for so long.

I love perusing the Lonely Planet and other travel sites for inspiration.

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