I am...

Reading: Starting The Midwife's Revolt

Listening to: some crows outside my window are scolding something--they're quite loud!

Loving: I am feeling very supported by the administration--from the Superintendent to my department chair

Thinking: We're going to try to have a virtual library book group meeting this week, using Zoom

Feeling: antsy

Celebrating: another good hair day!

Grateful for: creating my own work from home schedule--sort of

Weather: currently 33 degrees with a "real feel" of 25

Enjoying: daily chats with my sisters and friends

A quote I want to share:
Challenge accepted, Plastic Mancunian!

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Stacy said...

Looking good and no gray roots! Lucky you. I'm letting my hair dry curly some of the time to give it a break from the flat iron, but there's no helping the roots. I'm going to be looking pretty haggy by the time the salon is open again.