I am...

Reading: I'm listening to Christmas Every Day

Listening to: George Winston's December

Loving: my holiday nails

Thinking: I need ideas for Dad. He's so hard to buy gifts for!

Feeling: festive

Celebrating: my students want to decorate my classroom--some of them are staying after school to do it

Grateful for: good relationships with my students so they want to decorate for me

Weather: currently 36 degrees and raining

Enjoying: I'm just kind of farting around on the computer and I'm enjoying it

A quote I want to share:


zippiknits...sometimes said...

36 degrees? I'll have to go put another sweater on just to THINK about that temperature! Do you get to stay home when it's that cold?
Keep feeling Festive, and enjoy that nice new manicure.
Stay Well! Take your vitamin C!

Stacy said...

I have a few people I have no ideas for yet. I'm getting a bit panicky.