I am...

Reading: I'm finishing up Mince Pies and Mistletoe at the Christmas Market

Listening to: a Spotify playlist I put together of Holly Jolly music!

Loving: some vacation time

Thinking: about how blessed I am--I have a family and friends who love me

Feeling: full of festive spirit!

Celebrating: time off--and making plans for after Christmas holiday gatherings

Grateful for: keeping the holidays fun and festive instead of stressing out

Weather: currently 29 degrees

Enjoying: a lazy day, messaging with my sisters and friends

A quote I want to share:

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Lori said...

Enjoy your vacation! I am enjoying mine as well. I had planned to read some Christmas books, but instead I am reading a historical fiction book and a psychological thriller. The historical fiction book is Necessary Lies and it is wonderful. I was not sure if you had read it or not. I am guessing yes. Have a great holiday! Merry Christmas!