saturday 9

Money for Nothing

1) Sweatbands are prominent in this very 1980s video. What's the last thing you wore on your head? the hood of my raincoat

2) The lyrics are from the point of view of a man who delivers and installs appliances. What's the biggest purchase you've made lately? Was it big in size or expense? I really can't think of anything significant

3) The delivery man of the song imagines the worst thing that happens to a musician is a blister on his little finger or thumb. Do you have any minor aches or pains bedeviling you as you answer these questions?
the joint at the base of my right thumb is tender tonight

4) The term "dire straits" describes a troubling situation that's difficult to extricate oneself from. When's the last time you found yourself in dire straits? oh brother--my finances are in a disaster right now, dire straits!

5) There's a dinosaur called masiakasaurus knopfleri. It's a prehistoric, predatory lizard, and the paleontologists who discovered it were big Dire Straits fans, so they named it after lead singer/guitarist Mark Knopfler. Do you find dinosaurs fascinating, terrifying, or both? I really never think about dinosaurs--they don't particularly interest me

6) Prior to his music career, Knopfler was a junior reporter, covering the entertainment beat for the Yorkshire Evening Post. Do you believe you would make a better musician or journalist? I would make a better musician

7) In 1985, when this song was popular, rib eye steak was $3.89/pound. Today it's more than twice that. Do you have any beef in your freezer right now? not that I can recall

8) In 1985, Michael Jordan won the NBA Rookie of the Year award after his first season with the Chicago Bulls. It was the beginning of a career that made him a hero and a household name. Who do you think today's young people look up to? I don't really hear my students talking about anyone they look up to--maybe some sports figures (Tom Brady is the goat)

9) Random question: Friends take you to dinner for your birthday. The menu you're handed doesn't have any prices on it. Do you try to estimate the costs and choose what you guess is the least expensive entree? Or do you figure that since your friends want you to have a good time, you should order whatever you want?
I would try to choose something inexpensive


The Gal Herself said...

Tom Brady annoys me. I know, I know ... Patriots fans like to say, "You hate us cuz you ain't us." And I suppose it's indisputable Brady is the greatest. But I still don't like him. (And you can't make me!)

Me, Myself, and I said...

I can sympathize about the dire finances--I thought I'd have another paycheck coming in right about now. Le sigh. Oh well, time to tighten the belt a little more, what's one more notch, lol. Have a great weekend!

Bev Sykes said...

Sorry about your dire straits. I hope you get through it easily.

Lori said...

Oh yes, finances. We are always having problems with finances. It seems like the price of everything has gone up, but salaries haven't...not enough to keep up anyway. ugh. Loved your answers! Have a nice Labor Day weekend. I am reading Big Little Lies over the break...starting it anyway.


勝美 said...

I'm so old I can remember when being the goat was a bad thing.

Twenty-three skidoo!

Stacy said...

I'm with The Gal on Tom Brady...Mr. McCheaty-pants!
Anyway, I don't really hear the younger people talking about anyone they look up to, either. Are we becoming a world that doesn't recognize its heroes?