I am...

Reading: listening to Normal People

Listening to: nothing

Loving: I bought myself some flowers at a roadside stand and they are making me so happy!

Thinking: about Memorial Day

Feeling: loved

Celebrating: the sun is coming out--well, peeking through the clouds

Grateful for: an extra day off, even though the holiday is sobering

Weather: currently 55 degrees and cloudy

Enjoying: chatting with my niece

A quote I want to share:


Lori said...

Your flowers sound great! I love your quote too!


Me, Myself, and I said...

Love the quote, I shared it with hubs, who...drum roll....JUST GRADUATED with his BA in Elementary Education. OMG, I am so proud of him...he persevered through so much adversity all these years and finally made it. :)