I am...

Reading: reading The Silent Patient

Listening to: U2--Dancing Barefoot

Loving: a short faculty meeting after school today

Thinking: about shifting my mindset--and taking steps to avoid the exhaustion that usually is the end of the school year

Feeling: fabulous--I got a ton of compliments on my outfit today! Who doesn't like to hear, "You look so cute!"

Celebrating: my Advanced Placement Psychology class is having a party during class and I'll be setting up stations around the room for them to do some reflecting activities--selfie station, thank you letters, One Word inspirations, motivational quote coloring sheets and the like

Grateful for: some really productive self-care conversations that are helping me shift my view for the end of the school year

Weather: it is 69 degrees and sunny--wow!

Enjoying: chatting with my sisters

A quote I want to share:

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The Gal Herself said...

It's 55ยบ and cloudy here. Enjoy it, Miss Kwiz! Those nice spring days are few and far between.