ten things tuesday

Ten ideas for self-care to try:

1) Watch a TEDtalk. I'll search for motivational talks or funny talks.

2) Get up early to watch the sunrise. A local park would be the perfect place for this.

3) Digital detox. A day free of electronics, gadgets, TV, noise pollution, etc.

4) Plan a week's worth of outfits. After consulting the weather, of course.

5) Indulging in some luxurious lotion.

6) Buy some flowers. A pretty bouquet would be a nice pick-me-up.

7) Watching the campfire app on my iPad. It's mesmerizing and I forget I have it.

8) Go for a photo walk or drive.

9) Take my time doing simple chores. Slow and deliberate actions.

10) Dress up for no reason.

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