I am...

Reading: Catch Me If Yukon: A Passport to Peril Mystery, I should be able to finish it tonight.

Listening to: the hum of the furnace

Loving: some time to unwind from the day

Thinking: about what to fix for dinner

Feeling: hungry and tired but not bone-weary

Celebrating: the electrician should be finished in my apartment!

Grateful for: quiet neighbors

Weather: it is 29 degrees but the "real feel" is 22 and there is a winter storm advisory

Enjoying: chatting with my Virginia sister about our knitting projects

A quote I want to share:
“But the love of sisters needs no words. It does not depend on memories, or mementos, or proof. It runs as deep as a heartbeat. It is as ever present as a pulse.”
~Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate

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