I am...

Reading: A Winter's Tale

Listening to: Vanerpump Rules (my guilty pleasure)

Loving: one of my students told me that this is her favorite year of school because she starts and ends the day in my classroom

Thinking: that this week is already nuts

Feeling: tuckered

Celebrating: Chex mix

Grateful for: Chex mix (a colleague gave me a HUGE tin of it!)

Weather: it is snowing--another 2-4 inches are expected

Enjoying: Chex mix

A quote I want to share:


The Gal Herself said...

You make me feel guilty about our sunny, dry days. I haven't worn my boots since Friday! I suppose I'm enjoying it, but it feels unnatural.

Mary said...

CHEX MIX FTW!! It's a Christmas-only treat at our house ... and I have plans to mix up a big batch this weekend. Sorry for your weather. We're enjoying day #2 of sunny skies. I ALMOST feel bad about out it ;-)

seventh avenue login said...

I like snow! it is great weather))