ten things tuesday

Name 4 things that you do in order to be happier, 3 things to be healthier, 3 things to be wiser.

In order to be happier, I:
1--stopped holiday traditions that left me feeling overwhelmed (like cards to everyone and baking for everyone)
2--started telling people in my life what I appreciate about them (especially my students)
3--stopped watching the evening news
4--said no a few times

In order to be healthier, I:
5--started meditating daily (my favorite app is Simple Habit)
6--started listening to my body about bedtime
7--put myself in time out when I need a break

In order to be wiser, I:
8--read every day
9--listen carefully
10--practice gratitude and living in the moment


Pumpkin Delight (Kimberly) said...

I love this! All things I'm working on too...such important things. The news one has been VERY hard. I wish to stay informed but it's literally driving me mad. I've had to stop as well.
Being a reader and a good listener are wonderful qualities.

The Gal Herself said...

The news thing interests me. I spent a couple weeks passing on the morning news shows, but I do try to stay plugged in to local events. Trump is exhausting and depressing, though.