saturday 9

(There's) No Gettin' Over Me

1) Ronnie Milsap sings about how worrisome it can be when you realize you forgot to pay a bill. It's happened to all of us, hasn't it? Tell about about a time you accidentally missed a payment. I forgot to make a final credit card payment just last month

2) He also references a dream that keeps him awake. Do you have any recurring dreams?
I used to have one but don't remember my dreams often anymore

3) He sings about the face you see in the crowd. Tell us about someone you see regularly, but don't really know. the crew at Dunkin' are all very friendy and pleasant but I don't know all of their names

4) He mentions the book that you just can't put down. What's the last book that you finished? the last book I finished was Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

5) Ronnie Milsap is a big fan of new technology, and believes the advancements make both his professional and personal lives easier. What about you? Do you embrace new technology? Or do you long for the good old days, when we weren't so connected to personal devices? I love technology!

6) As a child, Ronnie used to surreptitiously listen to late night radio, especially gospel broadcasts. When you were a kid, what rule did you break again and again? I used to sneak out of bed and crawl into the hall closet to peek out the door to watch TV--I only remember doing that to watch Laugh In

7) Country star Blake Shelton says Ronnie Milsap was a big influence on his music. Do you watch Blake on The Voice? I am not watching now but I have watched and really enjoy it

8) In May, Ronnie appeared at the Choctaw Casino in Grant, OK. Do you enjoy games of chance? *shrug* sure, I'm not much of a gambler, though

9) Random question -- When did you last "do it yourself" and repair something around the house or yard? I put together the fire pit I gave my dad for his birthday


The Gal Herself said...

Do you have the Decades cable channel? They rerun Laugh In every evening. (And I'm pretty sure you won't get in trouble for watching it now.)

Bev Sykes said...

I loved Laugh-In, but it didn't start until I was married, so I could watch it whenever I wanted.

Stacy said...

I used to love Laugh-In. I don't think I had to sneak that one. Love American Style was the one I remember sneaking to watch.

zippiknits...sometimes said...

Another "Laugh-In" Fan! The madman Nazi, saying, "Interrresting, by Schtoopid"

I like techno that isn't invasive, but unfortunately, it can be and the CIA now uses Facebook. And we thought it was just the Russians.

I am Harriet said...

It's funny how Laugh In was so funny then but now it doesn't seem so funny. At least to me.

Diana_CT said...

My father said he didn't like Laugh In, but many times I caught him peaking over his book with a big smile on his face.