up all night

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Today's prompt: Something you miss

I miss staying up late. When I turned 30 it was as if someone magically hit a switch and I could not stay up all night anymore. And I loved an all-nighter. Staying up late because I could, listening to music and writing in my journal or reading. Not anymore. Between my weight and the medications I take--and probably my age--I just can't stay up late anymore. I miss the freedom and flexibility of going to sleep for two hours and making it through the next day no problem! Just writing that makes me want a nap.


zippiknits...sometimes said...

You are blessed with being able to sleep. Hopefully you will feel like counting it as one.
I sleep about 4 hours a night. The edges of my mind are tattered. lol

CountryDew said...

I used to not need to sleep so much, either, but now I am in bed by 10 p.m. Some of that has to do with my husband's routine. I suspect my hours would be different if I were alone.