three on thursday

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Three things making my day:

1) A personal day. I feel as though I am playing hooky because I took this half-day of school off. It's Winter Carnival week and today was the culminating day of all the activities and fierce competitions. And I got to miss it! I keep saying that WC needs a re-vamping with fresh activities. Some good-natured fun that is inclusive of all students, not just the athletes. So I am excited to miss it.

2) Delicious lunch. I went to my favorite place for a leisurely lunch with a friend. Cafe Sorpreso never disappoints! I could go there daily.

3) Reading. I spent some time this morning reading articles for school and reading for pleasure. Yesterday I thought I should go to the laundromat but today, I have made the executive decision to hang around reading.


Leslie said...

What a perfect day!
I'm glad the laundromat lost.

Kym said...

What a great executive decision! Hanging around reading (after a great lunch) sounds perfect to me!
(And what is it about Winter Carnivals that cater to the athletes? My kids' high school was same. . . )

The Gal Herself said...

That's a delicious day!