ten things tuesday

Ten things:

1) One of my APUSH students won the state level Voice of Democracy and tonight was the local post's celebration. Twice in three years have I had a state winner!

2) My APUSH classes need to make up some time (we got a little off track somehow) and I'm showing them a notes power point and it's so boring.

3) My AP Psych class got to be my psyche today--they were broken into groups for my Id, Ego, and Superego and it was funny because they kept saying Id as eye-dee.

4) I've decided that the reason I hate Winter Carnival is that it does not bring out the best in my students--they're poor winners and poor losers. They get all wound up in drama. Forget sportsmanship!

5) So I'm really super excited that I was approved for a personal day for the last day of the Winter Carnival madness!

6) I saw some 3D ultrasounds of my great niece! Wow!

7) It looks like this 4th Snowmageddon is going to miss northernmost Maine! YIPPEE!

8) I am ready for spring.

9) I wish I could go to the March on Washington this weekend.

10) My car door got dinged today and the woman who dinged it was hysterically crying over it. I felt so bad for her because it was just a ding that will buff right out.

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The Gal Herself said...

"Id" as "ID." :)

That scholarship news is so great for your student! Congrats, Ms. Kwiz.