saturday 9

Heartbreak Hotel

1) Elvis checked in to the hotel at the end of Lonely Street. Where was the last hotel or motel you stayed at? Central Maine

2) He sings that Heartbreak Hotel is always crowded. The fear of crowds is so prevalent that it has four names (enochlophobia, ochlophobia, demophobia, and agoraphobia). Are you comfortable in a crowd? it depends on the purpose of the crowd but generally, I'm not a fan

3) The desk clerk at Heartbreak Hotel is dressed black. Do you often wear all black? not often for all black

4) The song was written by Mae Boren Axton, who said it was inspired by the story of an anonymous young man's suicide in a hotel. She said she read in The Miami Herald that the John Doe left behind a note that said, "I walk a lonely street." What's the last note you handwrote? (Hopefully it was more upbeat.) it was to a student and it was definitely more upbeat

5) When Elvis was 11, his parents bought him a guitar. He had asked for a rifle, but his mama convinced him a guitar was a better idea. Tell us about a time one of your parents was right about something. my father predicted I would go into education even when I resisted

6) Not long before "Heartbreak Hotel" was recorded, Elvis' father recommended he give up the guitar and become a truck driver. Tell us about a time one of your parents was wrong about something. my father was wrong to "forbid" me from seeing the movie An Officer and a Gentleman back when it came out

7) There are many stories about Elvis' manager, Col. Tom Parker. One anecdote, about his career before Elvis, has the Colonel painting sparrows yellow so he could sell them as canaries. Have you ever been ripped off? of course I have been

8) Speaking of birds, Elvis once owned a peacock. It damaged his cars, so he gave it to the Memphis Zoo. In earlier days, it might have been dinner, for peacock was considered a medieval delicacy. What's the last poultry you prepared? chicken strips that I breaded with panko and baked

9) Random question: You and a friend have dinner at a restaurant. Your friend left her wallet at home, so you pick up the entire tab of $62, including tip. A few weeks later, you two meet for lunch and when the bill comes, she puts down half. Do you remind her that she still owes you $31 from the last time you dined together? I probably would have forgotten


Stacy said...

Go figure....my dad was terribly strict, but I saw An Officer and A Gentleman when it came out.

Diana_CT said...

I saw the movie An Officer and a Gentleman in the theaters on a (one of my rare) date.

zippiknits...sometimes said...

An Officer and a Gentleman was a really good movie, maybe because you were young?

Your dinner sounds lovely.
I used to bake breaded chicken, along with a pan of quartered red potatoes done with dijon mustard and fresh rosemary.
I'm going to ask for this from the present Cook...
Have a great Sunday, Kwizgiver.

CountryDew said...

An Officer and a Gentleman was a good movie. Haven't seen it in years, though. I like the nonchalance in your answer about being ripped off.

The Gal Herself said...

I bet your student treasures that note.