sunday stealing

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Bah Humbug!

TV show I loathe:
competition shows that feature celebrities--and they are C or D-list celebrities

Movie I loathe: Kill Bill series

Music genres I loathe: death metal, polka, screamo, gangsta rap, novelty Christmas songs (like Grandma Got Run Over or Dominick the Donkey)

Magazine which annoys me: Tabloids, except for the Weekly World News which was a satire

Makes me cranky at restaurants: waiting an excessively long time for service or drinks or refills

Makes me cranky in public:
impolite impatience in others

Makes me impatient at home: not being able to put my hands on what I'm looking for

Makes me impatient at work: misinformation

Celebrity I hate: reality show people that think they're celebrities

Music artist I hate:
I'm drawing a blank--maybe Ted Nugent

I could care less about: the war on Christmas (which doesn't exist)

Blogger's habit that annoys you: anonymous, snarky comments

Feature on your blog you hate: having to update the copyright

Politician that you hate: lobbyists


ShannonW said...

Misinformation can be very annoying at work and at home!

Bev Sykes said...

I saw a montage of clips of Obama over the past 8 years saying "Merry Christmas" at all sorts of events. More this year there is a war on Hanukkah, since there is no menorah on the White House grounds this year. But nobody is complaining about that.