you've got mail

As seen at Cat's!

"You Are Kathleen"

You are a hopeless romantic in many ways, and that extends beyond love. You are a true optimist.
Whenever things are looking bad, you see how they could be looking up. You enjoy all the little pleasures life has to offer.

You may be an extraordinarily positive person, but you are not a pushover. You are direct, honest, and assertive.
You are a real go getter, and you are not one to give up easily. You can be quite feisty when something or someone matters to you.


Cat. said...

I need to see this movie again--I don't actually remember much about it except some of the plot and of course the actors.

Mary said...

Nice! Makes for a great friend!

The Gal Herself said...

I love that first question -- "What would your AOL name have been?" Um, gulp, I still have AOL. And I still hear "You've Got Mail" when I log on.