ten things tuesday

Ten things I did over the holiday weekend:

1) Read a book.

2) Knit a couple of dice pouches. I taught statistics to my Psychology classes using dice. I borrowed dice from the math department but they weren't the quality I wanted. (They smelled like vinegar--eww) I ordered new dice and thought some cool pouches would be fun.

3) Met up with the Breakfast Club.

4) Went to Misty Meadows Organic Farm in Grand Isle (about an hour north of home).

5) Laundry! The laundromat wasn't too busy. No creepy people were staring.

6) Grocery shopped under budget!

7) Cleaned out my sock drawer and organized my tights.

8) Talked on the phone with my Virginia sister. She sent me a video chat request by mistake. Then called me to tell me she didn't mean to send me the video chat request. We ended up talking for about an hour. It was just goofy.

9) A quick down-and-back trip to Central Maine. We wanted to go to The Last Unicorn but they weren't open. We had to find someplace else and looked for the Italian place that was nearby, but they were also closed. We did venture into Holy Cannoli! It's probably a good thing I don't live nearby.

10) Went shopping at Target. It is 3 hours south of me and such a delight to be able to peruse it.

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Paula said...

Isn't it funny how creepy people seem to hang out in the laundromat??