saturday 9

Little Woman

1) This song contains many weather references (clouds, rainbows, sunshine, rain). How's the sky where you are today? it is partly sunny and 48 degrees--a far cry from the 88 degrees of three days ago!

2) Bobby Sherman sings that when he's alone, he imagines his "Little Woman" is right there beside him. Do you often daydream? not really

3) Bobby had a very bright smile. Do you ever use whiteners on your teeth? a whitening toothpaste

4) He was beloved for his shiny hair. If we were to peek in your bathroom, how many haircare products would we find? three, I think

5) After high school, Bobby attended Pierce, a community college in the west San Fernando Valley. For culinary students, Pierce offers courses in canning -- specifically apples and peaches. If we were to peek into your pantry, would we find canned fruits? no, I only have applesauce

6) As an actor, one of Bobby's earliest performances was on the TV show Honey West. That series revolved around a female "private eye" adept at martial arts. Do you have any self-defense moves (that don't involve a weapon)? other than "SING" I don't

7) In 1966, Bobby did this rather energetic commercial for milk. Do you often enjoy a glass of milk? it has been about 38 years since I've had a glass of milk to drink--I don't like it!

8) When his show business career waned, he became a paramedic. Have you ever called 911? I did one night when there was a body in the street--turned out to be a homeless drunken man who passed out in a pile of leaves and he was a frequent flyer with the Police Department

9) Random Question: Which book do you think you could learn more from -- The Joy of Sex or The Joy of Cooking? at this moment in time, Cooking


Diana_CT said...

Same here, we went from 89 on Thursday to 58 today... Brr!

I am Harriet said...

I have never been a huge milk fan either. My mom use to stuff a lot of cheese in my face to try to make up for it. Of course, we all know what a lot of cheese can do to you...

CountryDew said...

Not a milk fan, either, though I can eat yogurt ok. What's up with that? (And what the heck is a bean hole?)

zippiknits...sometimes said...

I was trying to remember that Acronym. SING! Yes, but the nose will be left out. I can't hit hard enough. lol

The Gal Herself said...

SING! I vaguely remember that from Miss Congeniality. I'll have to look that up. Probably would be good for me to learn that.

Stacy said...

I guess by "SING" you don't literally mean singing, but I'm thinking my singing voice just might qualify as a weapon. LOL