beautiful day

I am enjoying this vacation! Today I got together with the Breakfast Club, then had a manicure, after that, I went to an artist's show opening at the local library's art gallery, and finally, a trip to see my beloved Maggie--and my parents, although, really, Maggie. I snapped a photo of the roses that are still blooming at Dad's. It's been a truly delightful day. And tomorrow is going to be an adventure: I'm heading down to Central Maine again!

And I'm contemplating celebrating my birthday month with a self-care challenge. I haven't quite decided yet. This dithering is making me wonder why I'm hesitating--and I can't quite put my finger on it, perhaps I don't want to commit? Perhaps I want to do my self-care in private?

Here's the challenge:

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Paula said...

I love the idea of a self-care challenge. We often forget to take care of ourselves while we are busy taking care of others!! Have a wonderful week!