ten things tuesday

Taking a look back to May's TTT "Summer Bucket List"... I just can't believe this is the end of a most excellent summer vacation!😭

  • the Whoopie Pie Festival
  • Didn't end up going--I had three other events that same day and the weather was too iffy to travel that far for it to rain (btdt)
  • a workshop at the end of June
  • Great workshop about the DBQ Project
  • Pennsylvania & Virginia sister visits
  • Dad's family 80th birthday party
  • road tripping
  • I have done more of this than I hoped for!
  • reading challenge reading (maybe even Bingo!)
  • I didn't print off a Bingo card, but I've read more than I hoped for!
  • charity hat knitting
  • nope, but there's still time!
  • Summer Knit-Along
  • it hasn't been as active this year as last, oh well
  • mani-pedis!
  • yes!
  • a major de-cluttering project which incorporates buying a new bed
  • and no on this one as well--I had high hopes but am overwhelmed at where to begin and frankly, too lazy to tackle it

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