sunday stealing

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Something different

1. What is a normal thing that took you an embarrassingly long time to learn? knitting

2. In what ways are you old-fashioned? I am exceptionally polite--please, thank you, and you're welcome are critically important to me

3. What is the best sandwich you've ever eaten? Where did you get it? What made it so delicious? I had a magnificent veggie sandwich in Spain--all fresh veggies and the way it was put together was memorable

4. What are you currently not bragging about that you should totally brag about?
I have very soft skin

5. What food have you never tasted and are most interested in trying? well... I guess I should explore Thai food since my friends like it and I'm reluctant

6. What history facts were you surprised to learn because it was never covered in school? I didn't learn about the Vietnam War era until I was in college

7. What is something that you waited entirely too long to start or stop doing? What made you say "Why did I wait so long?" reading the Harry Potter books

8. What socially expected thing do you hate doing the most? What thing about polite society really grinds your gears? I am terribly uncomfortable at both weddings and funerals

9. What is something about your city that I should know if I'm going to visit? What is the hidden "must see" that you always tell friends and visitors to not miss? I would take a guest on a scenic drive to see how amazing it is here

10. What do you miss most about childhood? not having to be responsible for every single thing

11. What "fact" did you learn in school that is not true or no longer true? I can't think of anything

12. What's your favorite piece of useless trivia? Maine is the only one-syllable state name

13. What's your best go to homemade "lazy" meal? cereal

14. What's the title of this current chapter in your life? Chapter 51

15. What is a habit or practice that you learned from your childhood that you didn't realize was "weird" until you were an adult? I'm drawing a blank on this one


Bev Sykes said...

I love Thai food, but I don't like it hot. Start with pad thai--very mild noodle and shrimp dish. Then unless you are a "hot" fan, choose the less spicy ones and work your way up!

zippiknits...sometimes said...

I'm old fashioned that way, too. Happily, Please and Thank you rubbed off on the kids.

#6. I'm not shocked. It's something that got very little actual "press" for a long time afterward. The last of the non volunteer armed forces were treated with such disrespect as to be monstrous. They didn't volunteer to go.

Cereal is a great little lazy meal. :o)

Stacy said...

Amen! to missing the freedom from responsibilities of childhood.

You know, I totally sat here and named all the states checking syllables. I guess it's like when someone says it's impossible to lick your elbow...you have to try. LOL

Cat. said...

Shh, I'm with you--I don't think I've had Thai food.

We call our state by a one-syllable name, but I expect that's not what you meant.....lol

CountryDew said...

Aren't the Harry Potter books great? And I am taking FOREVER to learn to knit. I am about ready to give up.