never have i ever...

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Day 5: Never have I ever...

... had surgery (unless wisdom teeth count?).
... returned worn clothing to a store for a refund.
... traveled first class.
... bought illegal drugs.
... been arrested or been stopped by police.
... shopped for clothing at Victoria's Secret.
... had to run to save my life.
... ridden a 4-wheeler or other outdoor recreation vehicle that travels faster than 30 mph.
... cut my own hair.
... had a physical fight (other than childhood sister squabbles--but those don't count).
... flashed any body parts.
... worn contact lenses.


  1. How fun! We agree on most. But I have worn contacts and I have had surgery. A few times. Mainly on my right leg after it was broken. And a tubal!

  2. I've done several of these mentions, especially whenVictoria Secret sold silk-- a long time ago now...