ten things tuesday

Ten random things:

1) Hygge has been on my mind a lot lately. Kind of like healthy hibernating. Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) is a Danish word that is a feeling or mood that comes taking genuine pleasure in making ordinary, every day moments more meaningful, beautiful or special.

2) It's time for my annual winter blahs. Big time. I think if I wasn't out in the cold every single day it wouldn't be so bad, but I have to concern myself with winter driving, the cold, and dreary skies.

3) I'm knitting a pussyhat for my eldest Virginia niece. She's attending the Washington March. I thought about traveling to my state capitol for Maine's march, but...

4) I had my students analyze George Washington's Cabinet by creating job descriptions for the Cabinet posts. The next step was for them to apply for one of the four posts. What a hoot! They had creative license to come up with reasons they would be good for the post they applied to and some of them were really clever.

5) The department meeting scheduled for after school today has been canceled! Hooray! I have meetings every other night this week, so an afternoon off is awesome!

6) My library book group is meeting tomorrow--postponed from last week--and I hope I can still remember details of the book.

7) My school book group is meeting Friday and I hope I finish the book in time! I have fewer than 4 hours left to listen. But I've got meetings every night, both after school and evening. Big busy week.

8) One of my study hall students just stood up, unbuttoned his trousers and unzipped a little to tuck in his shirt. Right there. In front of me and everyone else. Dear lord. They don't know why I'm freaking out about it.

9) So, now we're expecting an ice and snow storm. 2-4 inches of snow with another inch or so of freezing rain and rain. Why do I live here??



Paula said...

I love the idea of pussyhats marching on Washington!! Yay for women's rights!! I have no doubts about a kid un-doing his pants to tuck in his shirt. I'm surprised he tucked in his shirt!! They just don't have a personal space it seems. Good luck with your busy week!

Elise Anderson said...

Love the idea of Hygge, copied it down to remember. Glad you're knitting a "Pussy Hat"! There's been such an uproar on Facebook from some groups banning posting of any mention of them all. It's sad and sometimes so ludicrous! Their cute hats, just hats, serious topic, but I thought the hats themselves playful. Guess it started quite a ruckus online, with people being banned from groups just mentioning it. So while you knit, I guess a Revolutionary movement has started that really rocks some people! If you're curious, all wild postings start late at night (I think when moderators are asleep!). Addicted To Knitting and other groups have been targeted. Now, I'm just relieved to hear someone just casually mention the Pussy Hat! Enjoy! My friends and some family are going who live back East.

The Gal Herself said...

Hygge is a lovely concept!

I love hearing about your students.