ten things tuesday

Last week, I was sick with a cold. Now that I'm feeling better, I dedicate this week's list to 10 Things I Feel Good About.

1) I feel good that I was invited to do a test knit for one of my favorite designers on Ravelry.

2) I feel good that my cold is gone! I have an occasional, lingering cough, but even that is not too bad.

3) I feel good about school. I know I'm doing some good teaching and that my student teacher is coming along nicely. He will be a good teacher.

4) I feel good that one of my students' boyfriends is at Basic Training and I wrote him a note, even though he wasn't my student. That's actually what I wrote about.

5) I feel good about my Christmas knitting. I've got a good start. And some friends and family have hinted that they would like dishcloths. Those are super simple!

6) I feel good about the workshop I'm attending tomorrow. It's about differentiation. One of my students has all of us attendees as his teachers and will have four substitutes.

7) I feel good about about the workshop I have on Friday. I basically set the agenda even though I'm not department chair. At least I know the work we're focusing on!

8) I feel good about the reading goal I set for myself this year. I've got some books picked out that I'm excited to read!

9) I feel good about my spelling skills--kids keep asking me to spell words and I'm perfect at it so far!

10) I feel good about how my dad's recovering from his oral surgery last week. He hasn't had too much swelling and minimal pain. I'm relieved, I was concerned about keeping ahead of the pain. It's hard to see my parents getting vulnerable and aging. But it makes me feel good to be there for them in a caretaking role.

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Paula said...

That is quite a list of things to feel good about. It is hard to have your parents aging and to start seeing yourself in the role of the caregiver!