favorite meal

Lately, my favorite meal has been a salad from the local market's salad bar. They keep it crisp and cold! I've discovered Ken's Sweet Vidalia Onion dressing, which I love slathered all over it. Or, if I go to the local coffee shop, it's the Caesar salad with grilled steak.

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Elise Anderson said...

My favorite meal is my huge salad every night. And I discovered the Vidalia dressing also years ago. I love it with raisins or dried cranberries and nuts and avocado. Wish I could get a fresh lettuce like that! I buy a huge box of spring mix and use it up in a week. My favorite dressing lately is a vinaigrette made with Braggs Vinegar (a very healthy non-pasturized vinegar) and olive oil. 2/3 cup Olive Oil, 1/3 vinegar, 2 tsp Dijon mustard and it calls for 2 tsp honey, but I like more to taste like 1 Tbls. No salt. Lots of diced garlic. Mix, let sit an hour. Refrigerate when done. It has 3 - 4 very healthy ingredients that make big differences and tastes amazing! I measure 2 tbsp out so I don't overdo it.