I find hope in little places--a comfy nap, well-worn jeans, sunrise and sunset, my friends and family, students who get engaged in classes, laughing, and celebrating little things. When I'm in the throes of depression, I find hope in therapy or in talking with my friends and family. Every day is an opportunity to start over. I've never been suicidal because I was afraid I'd miss out on the best, which is yet to come.

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Paula said...

I like this! Thank you for sharing!!

The Gal Herself said...

"Hold on. Pain ends." What a simple but IMPORTANT sentiment! I must share it around.

When I've been drowning in depression, I try to hang on until morning. Sunlight and a shower help everything for me -- even temporarily.

I admit I've been suicidal but I've never attempted it because of God. I believe it's a sin to take a life, even one's own. But I can understand the despair that makes it seem like a viable, even attractive option. And my heart breaks for people who can't see past that impulse.