friday 5


  1. A sandwich is usually some kind of ingredients between slices of bread, but what’s a great sandwich that has no bread at all?
  2. an Oreo, especially double-stuffed
  3. A salad is generally thought of as a mixture of fresh greens, but what’s a great salad whose main ingredients are not veggies?
  4. Chicken salad... mmmmm, my favorite
  5. Juice is usually the liquid squeezed from a fruit or vegetable. What’s a juice you enjoy that isn’t?
  6. when I was in college the fraternity brothers would make Jungle Juice, I'm pretty sure it was pure alcohol. I don't think I would enjoy it now, but then it did the trick!
  7. Milk is usually the food that a mammal produces for its young. How do you feel about milk alternatives that aren’t animal-produced?
  8. I prefer them
  9. A staple is usually some food that forms the basic constituent of a cultural diet. What’s a staple in your diet that doesn’t exactly fit that definition?
  10. Ben & Jerry's


zippiknits...sometimes said...

Great answers for a tough little meme! This was fun and I didn't remember sandwich cookies at all.

The Gal Herself said...

I'm a recent convert to chicken salad. I'm all like, hey handsome, where have you been all my life! I especially like it with dark meat and nice little halved grapes. Sigh.

Terri D said...

Good answers! I had chicken salad for dinner tonight. Good stuff!

Cat. said...

How did I not think of sandwich cookies?! I love the lemon ones, not so much Oreos, though I'll snarf up the blonde Oreos in a heartbeat.

And, wait a sec: ice cream isn't considered a staple?? lol