the end is near...

Things seniors do that annoy me at the end of the year...

  • sign yearbooks during class
  • refuse to do things "because I'm a senior"
  • do weird things "because I'm a senior"
  • gossip about parties (even after I've told them I have to report it)
  • break the dress code to see if they can get away with it
  • whine because we're still doing class work
  • whine because we're working on study guides for the final exams
  • eat smelly foods in class


    Terri D said...

    LOL....hang in there!

    Vonnie said...

    I feel you! However, I don't have to deal with high schoolers, just grade students transitioning to middle school.

    Here's what annoys me about 5th graders:

    1. Whining about doing any kind of work
    2. Constantly asking if we're going to have a party (even though we've been "partying" for the past week)
    3. Not following directions
    4. Talk while adult is speaking
    5. Signing yearbooks during class time

    But what annoys me the most about them...how they manage to make me tear up at the end. As much as I want the school year to end, it saddens me that I have to say goodby to these kids.

    Now as for you, I wish you patience. Hang in there!!!!

    The Gal Herself said...

    I don't remember why, exactly, but my niece wore a superhero cape to school one day when she was a senior. It left her heady, and she's usually a very straight arrow student. If senioritis can make her break bad, well, I feel for you.