saturday 9

Neon Lights

1) Think of a neon sign you pass by often. What does it say? Open

2) In the video for this song, Demi Lovato spends a great deal of time in the water. When is the last time you swam? it must have been ten or so years ago

3) The song encourages us to "look up at the sky." OK, we will. How does the sky look where you are today? it's partly cloudy but the sun is shining!

4) Demi is a contributing editor for Seventeen magazine. When she was in junior high school, Crazy Sam eagerly awaited each new issue of Seventeen. When you were younger, what magazine(s) did you read regularly? I loved YM, Teen, and Seventeen

5) Demi is an investor in the company that makes Texas Tea, a bottled beverage available at Whole Foods. Do you have any tea in your kitchen right now? no

6) Demi is currently on tour, performing halfway around the world in Australia and New Zealand. Have you ever had a job that required travel? sometimes I have to take classes or attend workshops in Central Maine, which is generally an overnight trip

7) Demi had a recurring role on the show Glee. That show's series finale aired last month. Is there a show that's no longer on that you miss? Seinfeld and Freinds

8) Fast-growing fast food chain Chipotle reports that their top sellers include a burrito bowl with steak or chicken, salad with chili-corn salsa, and a soft taco. Which of these would you order? probably a burrito bowl

9) What beverage would you like to enjoy with your burrito bowl, taco or salad? a glass of water with lemon


CountryDew said...

I really don't like Mexican food. Can't handle the spices.

Terri D said...

Seinfeld and Friends are in rerun all the time, so we catch them now and then. They really were brilliant!! I enjoyed your answers!

I am Harriet said...

I forgot all about Teen magazine. I lived for that in junior high.

Diana_CT said...

I had lemon water last night with dinner at the restaurant before the play.
Some of the cable channels carry Seinfeld and Friends and many other sitcoms.

zippiknits...sometimes said...

Cable is changing very fast due to the streaming companies cutting into their market, so if you don't already have Netflix, which has it, you can soon get your favorite Seinfeld fix on a TV. So, something to look forward to, eh? Loved that you travel to Maine. It is such a beautiful corner of the country. Happy Knitting!